About us

Life enthusiasts and partners in crime, we decided to put one of our passions into writing whilst sharing the love.

It is all about that beautiful sunny, rainy¬†or windy Sunday (or Saturday) morning, when the debauchery of the previous night needs to be washed down with a blend of prosecco and some avocado on toast… or when that girly regroup sees eggs and French toast parading guilt-free up and down the morning table. It is the family catch up and laughter escorted by the warmth of the dark black coffee… it is every single moment that makes brunch special… and that’s why we love it so much.

All you need to do is relax, browse (based on your postcode of interest i.e. EC1 ) and plan accordingly where you want your next moment to take place in… we will give you the top options to do so.

This is a curated blog, featuring little life stories and of course our best recommendations and most delicious of choices. You will also find¬†some recipes, DIY’s, health and fitness tips.

Enjoy x

Rania and Robin