Village East (SE1)

I’m back… ! and i’m brunching as always! This past week was really tough, in fact the past few weeks have been quite mental but all you need when things are rough is a little motivation. That’s the way to get by… you just push until you reach to your own man-made haven. So this post is all about treating yourself, about exploring new things and about staying motivated.


This little spot was discovered last month, and late is much better than never so here I am reporting to those eager ones who want to try new things. There we were discovering the bohemian streets of Bermondsey when we stumbled on… Village East . A very tasteful restaurant with a truly unique character. It felt cozy and effortlessly stylish … there we were sat in between a big heavy american style bar and a wall covered with letter boxes.


The menu was adequate in range of options and as we were starving (as always) it really wasn’t difficult for us to pick our eggs of choice. I did also go for a bloody cucumber (a weird take on bloody mary) which was absolutely disgusting… please do not, i repeat DO NOT feel adventurous when it comes to cucumber juice, gin and a weird spice mix! It’s just bad.. it doesn’t work!


On the brighter side of things… the eggs finally arrived (the wait is around 40′ on a busy day) and all three of us, Pieros, Robin and myself literally stuffed our little faces with happiness.

As always, I went for the poached eggs (sans hollandaise) whereas Pieros went for the full on Hollandaise sauce and Robin as always got some sort of fried, meaty option…



The eggs were good, not the best but…. adequate to sort of satisfy our hunger. Apparently the farmers breakfast (undercover full english) was pretty damn good (Robin’s take) but overall the portions were rather small. Which meant we left wanting more..

The staff was absolutely lovely and very accommodating and i’d definitely give a solid 9/10 for the whole ambiance of the place.

why not give it a go? it’s the perfect place for a big group of friends who want to sit there for hours and mumble about life and other remedies.


Address171-173 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UW

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