Brother Marcus (SW12)

My love for a good old brunch must be by now rather known to everyone – but there are times I feel it might be turning into an addiction – why? I hear you say?

well… my urge to discover new spots has lead me outside zone 1… and 2…. Yes! A couple of weekends ago I put on my explorer brunch goggles and on a relatively sunny London Saturday I boarded the tube for an exploration – a trip to the far far land of Balham!

Balham is definitely one of those up and coming parts of the world and its “brunch fame” reached my ears a couple of months but until two weekends ago, I had never been motivated enough to embark on the journey.

The inspiration and motivation ultimately came from my colleague Holly, a massive fan and great advocate of this “incredible” as she called it spot in Balham called, “Brother Marcus“…


There we were 40′ later, ravenous being sat at a wooden bench at this cute little brunch place, “Brother Marcus” surrounded by little “big bang theory” nerds, emo comebacks and the odd good old hipsters. We were definitely there with high ambitions and our hunger made everything on the menu seem even more delicious.


A good choice of dishes, smoothies, drinks and other treats we were absolutely to go for Holly’s recommendation “Sister Special”  for me and a “Brother Special” for Robin all escorted by some nutritious fruity and veggie smoothies.


The introduction was rather colourful and playful as our matching coffee cups and smoothie colours suggested. The place is definitely very instagrammable… whether that’s the food, the odd art on the walls (which by the way is on sale) or just the little wooden details all around.


Sister Special: Poached egg, crispy bacon on a bed of spinach mixed with avocado, all of that sitting on bread. Topped with a drizzle of olive oil and coarse salt flakes.


Brother Special: A colourful omelette lying on slices of smoked salmon and asparagus (+bread). Topped with chia seeds for effect.

We definitely left happy and full – was it the best? I wouldn’t say so… just because the next day i visited Sunday (which I have officially called my favourite brunch place ever) but it was definitely pleasant, vibrant and with a great staff to welcome you.

The other merit of this visit? I have now expanded my Brunching experiences beyond the centre of London… which means i’m now unstoppable so beware…! ! ! there’s a brunch place for everyone out there and I want you to know if there’s particularly one for you!!!
Address9 Chestnut Grove, London SW12 8JA

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