Sunday (N1)

So… this weekend was packed with brunches and whilst I won’t be posting in order of visit I will be posting in order of preference.
I was rather hesitant whether to post about this place or not… you see it’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s possibly the best brunch I’ve ever had (EVER) and I still had to wait for about 40′ in the queue. So imagine if it becomes even more popular… there will be zero sustainability.
The problem with London is that Londoners are curious creatures and once we discover new spots we then migrate collectively to them, turning them into vibrant hot spots – with the downside being the even longer wait… and in some rare cases the quality of the food being decreased due to the high demand… but I really don’t want to jinx Sunday!
Sunday on a Sunday it was… after 40minutes of a long bus ride we were there, in the middle of nowhere… slightly doubting this whole decision but the truth is I really trust Theo, who we were off to meet. I hadn’t seen Theo in a year but from what I could recall he was a massive foodie so I had all my hopes up. We arrived to find Theo in the longest queue   one that would put Breakfast club’s queue to shame! We grabbed some coffees whilst we waited and we were breaking rather easily the “ice”.


Having finally sat down in the cozy premises of Sunday and whilst salivating over the menus, we were now faced with great dilemmas. The menu is long and everything seemed so promising… and so did the plates that were going up and down in the hands of waiters. it was super easy to select for me… I went for the dish that had all of my favourite things: courgettes, halloumi, avocado and poached eggs (YUM) and also half a stack of PANCAKES to share with Robin.


Robin went for a waffle with fried chicken, Theo for the haddock rarebit and Kalli for corn fritters with smoked salmon (+another half a stack of pancakes for them to share).

The rest was history… the food was ridiculously colourful, tasty, flavoursome, rich and with all the built up hunger just perfect!


needless to say that everything disappeared in seconds and everyone was happy and rather sleepy!!!!!!!! (mad carb comma there)

I couldn’t recommend this little guy more… the service polite and attentive, the food just incredible, the prices even better and the customers all chirpy and satisfied. Rumour has it in the summer it also has a beautiful little terrace … (hint:  I can’t wait to go back)


…and please please please … don’t let the queue scare you, it’s TOTALLY worth it!

I give it 5/5

Address169 Hemingford Rd, London N1 1DA

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