B-Street Deli (SE1)

Nobody really likes rainy days… trapping you inside, making everything grey and gloomy, depriving you of vitamin D… i mean come on… surely not even the netflix and chill fans

can argue…

My solution to this travesty – aka the British weather – is … Brunch! (tbf this is probably my answer to most of life’s problems).

We were reluctant to get out today but I was really craving a good brunch. Not really sure where to go, i’ve already exhausted my neighbourhood’s hot spot options and we hadn’t booked anywhere else which meant we’d really have to struggle finding a place anywhere. Saturday or Sunday brunching in London is just impossible without a reservation well unless you’re happy to wait in a queue of hours under the rain… which to be frank i’m not a big fan off!

Long story short, despite the fact that we had not been caffeinated, despite the fact that it was raining and despite the fact that our plan A in Borough Market failed miserably as the restaurant didn’t serve brunch on Sundays (how silly) … we kept walking fearlessly towards Bermondsey. When we finally stumbled on this beautiful little gem of a deli – B-Street Deli (on Bermondsey street)


The space was very intimate and cozy! a lot of wood and earthly touches made it ever so welcoming. And despite our uncertainty as to whether the did brunch or not we jumped in to inquire more.
A massive counter with loads of cheeses, salads, breads and pastries lie there before us and at the corner of that counter we saw a hand written little board saying they were offering poached egg and salmon/avocado bruschettas! – YES


A happy salsa/cuban-esque music was playing at the background creating a rather humorous juxtaposition with the waitresses’ grumpy attitudes. We were now happily sipping our coffees waiting for our bruschettas and cheeses, chatting about life and all that…


The food was absolutely incredible, the portions generous, the ingredients so fresh i could smell the tomato on the bruschetta even before it arrived on the table. The olive oil was definitely from the Mediterranean and the salmon was definitely fresh!

What was even better was in fact the prices which left us both pleasantly surprised. It looks like 2 people can enjoy a hefty meal, brunch or platter for £30 (without tip being included in the bill).


I highly recommend B-Street Deli, not so much for the service but for the incredible flavours!!!!! We are definitely going back maybe not just for brunch as there are so many cheeses i’d love to try paired with some great wine – yum yum yum

Address88 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UB
HoursOpen today · 9am–10pm

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