Egg Break (W8)

…and just because tomorrow it’s Sunday and i bet you’re all googling where to go for Brunch tomorrow with your overseas visitors, your neighbours, you best friends, your partners… here’s a litre treat for you guys, whoever you are and whatever you’re searching for… Egg Break!

hidden in the narrow streets of Notting Hill, Egg Break is a tiny little restaurant one could assume could belong to one of the residents’ of Uxbridge Street.
Although, not impressive on the outside, as it’s quite assimilated to the architecture and style of the street, inside I promise you’ll find the most delicious of treats.

I visited this little gem with my bestie not a while back, after a debaucherous night out. With a mild hangover and yet still enough body strength to carry ourselves all across from SE1 to W8, we were definitely rewarded for our efforts.

Although we were met by a long queue of Frenchies and surprisingly (not) Greeks and had to wait for what seemed an eternity, in the end we got the best sit in the house, just next to the windows (top left corner on the picture above).

Having already studied the menu we were ravenous and ready to eat it all. For me, the classic eggs on a bed of avo and all on top of a big chunky slice of sourdough, for Pier an intriguing combo of bacon, honeycomb butter, fried eggs, and chilly red sauce on the finish. Also, a generous and glorious french toast in the middle (i’ll come back to that..)

Let’s take it one by one to know what you should expect!

1. Eggs on Avo/Toast: Good, but nothing extraordinary. As my friend Klara would say, “nothing you couldn’t make in your own kitchen” – well, at least Robin could make it. Anyhow, the point is that if you want something extraordinary I would advocate against the eggs, they’re delicious but way too basic.


2. Egg stack: i did not try it but Pier who was quite reluctant when he was ordering them, he emptied his dish in minutes and not because he was utterly hungry. He added the combination was way more balanced than what he thought and he’d definitely smash the dish again if he had the chance. Give it a try…!?


3. The French Toast: alright guys… I know, i have said this before about the workshop’s french toast, but good God the Egg Break french toast was the BEST i have EVER tried. Soft, smooth packed with surprises in the form of berries in the dough and a banana embedded in the middle. All topped up with the most delicious maple syrup dripping of every slice. I still can’t get over it… if you’re to get only one thing from the Egg Break, make it a french toast! I promise you will not be disappointed.


Overall we had a great time and felt ready for a big fat nap after the carb overload, however that french toast was definitely worth my 60′ in the tube (back and forth). I got time to bond with my Pier and everything over great food in a happy familish environment.

I strongly recommend this spot, for any mood or occasion really. The staff reinforce the neighbourhood feeling and they’re simple, down to earth and very polite when it comes to welcoming you to their restaurant.


Address30 Uxbridge St, Notting Hill W8 7TA
HoursOpen today · 8am–10pm

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