Gail’s (SE1 and more)

It’s Halloween… Hoorah! in all honesty I couldn’t be more cynical about this American celebration of cheap tacky outfits and sugar overdosing… but what the heck it’s the weekend, and i will always enjoy a good brunch whether it looks like eggs royale or eye ball eggs on some red blood like brioche.

With that being said, let me now tell you more about Gail’s which although started of as the cutest little bakery it was now developed in a chain of 33 bakeries all across London and beyond.


I discovered Gail’s back in 2010 when i first moved to London. Just behind City university where i’d spend half (or more) of my life, on the cutest paved road, most widely known as “Exmouth Market”. It is back then that i discovered what quinoa and barley was in the melange of salads they had for lunch. Maud and I would host our little gossip clubs under the roof of Gail’s there and indulge in a shared piece of chocolate cake. Or i’d sometimes take my books and pretend I was studying when in fact I was trying to flirt with the guy running the pop up cheese stand in the store. Back then Gail’s had only just started doing breakfast experimentally… god it was (and still is) good.


So here we are back in 2016 (or towards the end of it) and having moved by the river we discovered that there’s a Gail’s just beneath our flat – or ten steps away. So there we were last weekend, seating on one of the solid wooden communal desks, people watching whilst waiting for our scrambled eggs to make their debut on our table.

The space at the Neo Bankside branch is very cozy and bright given the large windows surrounding the whole bakery. The smell of coffee, pastries, bread and eggs fill the place and make the waiting time even more annoying. So much so that we had to buy ourselves an almond croissant to share whilst waiting for our eggs to arrive (45′ unfortunately given the “rash hour”).


Gloriously delicious that croissant was… or maybe it was just me who hadn’t had breakfast, had completed and aryl morning gym session and could by that time listen to my stomach playing a drum solo in a protest for hunger.

Yummy… everything was absolutely yummy and the eggs were perfectly buttered !!!!!! Robin’s selection of corn fritters definitely had a corn-y twist which made it delicious!


As for the Halloween fans, Gail’s does not fail to please… with weird pastries, baked goods and biscuits in the forms of fingers, skeleton men and eye balls i’m sure you’ll find something to amuse you!

I highly recommend Gail’s if you’re up for a pit stop!


AddressUnit C Neo-Bankside, 70 Holland St, London SE1 9NX
HoursOpen today · 9am–7pm
To find more of Gail’s locations click here

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