Albion Bankside (SE1)

New house, new urge for brunching adventures … so it’s been about a month that we’ve moved south the river and whilst i was rather panicky about abandoning my kingdom in Shoreditch, it was about time i accepted that my kingdom had been taken over… the overcrowded thursdays, the impossible queues, the never ending waiting lists to have a single drink or the beautiful strolls which were now covered in additional filth.

The truth is i was bitter to leave it all behind, but the magic of the bank side was an easy cure to my troubled mind. It wasn’t long before, you see, that we had visitors over… and the kind of visitors that are basic family. Maud and Pieros stayed over for a long weekend a few weeks back and it was our first official opportunity to do a proper brunch.

Getting out the door and facing the Tate Modern whilst the sun was killing our not-so-sober eyes, we walked fearless on that Sunday morning towards Albion Bankside (which is basically three steps from our front door).
So i wasn’t aware Albion was a chain… i only knew of their incredible cafe in the East just next to the Boundary hotel. But it looks that this sibling is bigger, brighter and fuzzier…
It wasn’t difficult for us all to select breakfast, after all the option was vast, new flavours were offered and we were all pretty damn hungry.
So of course I had to go for the healthy low cal sweet potato baked fritters with the poached egg, whereas the gang went for glorious croissants stuffed with heavenly cheesy fillings, scrambled eggs and and sausages.
So another thing that grabbed my attention was the peculiar list of drinks… a variety of detox concoctions including limes, mints, kombuchas and what not.. as well as juices and smoothies… the list is massive and i have an urge to try them all already.
For the breakfast lovers there’s a quite generous breakfast bar filled with colourful, healthy goodies ranging from dried fruits, to seeds, to yoghurts, breads …. it’s literally a dance of colours and products which i have to admit got me as excited as i would image a child to be in a candy shop…
I have to admit the service was not great… rather rude and slow i must admit but we were four crazy kids making fun of the situation trying not to let the negativity ruin our recover brunch. Whilst we were stuffing our face with our eggs and grease … we all realised how we’d been taken over by a euphoric feeling … which is what makes me love brunches so much. The moments, the feelings, the silliness you get to share with your loved ones over hearty food and drinks…
So… i decided to give Albion a second chance, just in a week really, when i read in their social media about them hosting this pop up flowershop called @andflowers.
@andflowers are these incredible kids who are inviting people to be a adventurous and pick their own stems to make their own composition (bouquet) – quite artsy and liberating at the same time.
So here i was only a sunday later, holding my to-go-flat-white and my almond croissants picking my own flowers as if i was a princess in a forest. (yes, i love feeling like a princess)
Albion is definitely a favourite in terms of vibe and products offered. The service was also much better the second time… even if they forgot i had ordered two flat whites and i was waiting for about 15′ in vain until the barrista realised his mistake.
To end it in a positive note – please do try it, i’m sure you’d be very much pleased with the food and the deco of the place!
AddressBlock B NEO Bankside, Holland St, London SE1 9FU


Open today · 9am–11pm

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