Hoi Polloi (E1)

It really feels like yesterday when my mum was here, but it’s really been a month. A month when i last visited Hoi Polloi and yet failed to open it’s doors to all of you.
Well, it has been a crazy month in many ways… but the one event i’d like to linger on is our “moving out of Shoreditch”. Yes, 6 years later and I made the brave decision to try something different, explore something new.
With a bittersweet taste i was strolling this morning around the streets of the old neighbourhood, reflecting, dreaming… but fear not, more brunch is yet to come and in places yet undiscovered.
With that being said, it’s now time for Brunch and for those hipsters among us, Hoi Polloi – part of the Ace hotel – is a truly priceless venue.
It feels a little bit like a time warp there… as soon as you enter the secret doors through Ace’s flower shop, you face an atmosphere that must have come out of the 60s and 70s. Rather Art Deco and with a hint of elegance yet simple to attract even those hipsters with the ripped clothes, unwashed hair and expensive gadgets.
You will be met by a grumpy waiter – i think they’re just like that because they’re too “cool” – with a big beard or coiffed hair. You will be seated and served immaculately besides the grumpiness (or lack of chat).
I would suggest the poached eggs on bed of avo with chillies but admittedly Hoi Polloi has incredible pancakes too – Robin’s recommendation.
If you feel adventurous try their uber complex juices… they include reverse osmosis water and coal …yes coal because that’s good for you apparently. Also expect a lot of kale, kombucha and turmeric milk. Things that if you asked me 2 years ago i’d probably end up staring at you lost.
If you’re lucky there are days where the extravagant harp or the impressive brass quartet is sitting in a corner making your experience even more oddly wonderful.
If i haven’t sold it yet, these eggs should do the job:
HoursOpen today · 7am–11:30pm


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