Workshop Coffee (EC1M)

Good morning East Siders and friends… It’s Sunday, it’s July and the weather is horrible. We’ve got two options guys, either we stay in bed fighting yet another hangover OR… we storm out and carpe that diem. At the end of the day, It’s still Sunday and let’s to forget every Sunday (or Saturday) will forever be a brunch dedicated day.
So, whilst i’ll try to make an introduction to another favourite of mine “Workshop” i’ll also have to share yesterday’s experience…
9am and the alarm goes off… *shit* it’s Saturday and I have an alarm on yes… Last month I got Robin a coffee Masterclass ticket as gift for our one year anniversary and while he was as excited as a little child who was preparing to go into a toy shop… I on the other hand had  a rough start due to the previous night’s shenanigans (aka hangover).  Long story short, he pushes me out of the bed and we head towards Clerkenwell… walking, or more like jogging in order to be there on time.
A heavy head, a messed up stomach and with a boyfriend all excited leading the way… the only thing that kept me going was the divine french toast (please note – the BEST french toast EVER) that Worksphop serves.
9.56am and we’re there, only to be told that we were at the wrong place, as the coffee master classes were at another brunch in holborn. The uber was unresponsive and so …we again found ourselves storming the empty streets of Clerkenwell all the way to holborn. Good thing is that we made it with 5′ delay and Robin could finally indulge in his little session. However, I decided to head back to Clerkenwell and enjoy that french toast after all…
I guess what I want to leave you with, is that this french toast is SO good, that a hangover and several km’s of walking on a heavy head and messed up stomach is definitely worth it.
An americano and a french toast later, I was feeling like myself again, full of energy to take on the world! and so I did… the day was filled with activities, exercising, partying… (she said being still 24… give me a few more years and I doubt the americano would still do the job).
On another note, let’s not forget that the Workshop, is a coffee roaster shop before anything else and their coffee is definitely one of the best in London (check LCF – London coffee festival reviews for more).
The Clerkenwell branch, is cozy, wooden (whatever that means) and very friendly. Watch out for the super eager waiters filling up your water glass every 2′ max.
Another must try, are their organic eggs, whether scrambled, poached or fried, I can guaranteed you’re up for a treat. Add a side of avo or smoked salmon or even their incredible mushrooms should do the job.
Definitely one of my go to’s and highly recommended for any occasion whether it’s a quick coffee, a hefty brunch or just a nice lunch, Workshop is cool, vibrant and warm.
Address27 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5RN

HoursOpen today · 8am–6pm





John Lewis #Gardeningsociety (W1C)

Drop what you’re doing, I have found the secret garden… and guess what?!

  1. It’s in LONDON
  2. You can have brunch at it!!!! (hooray)

Summer decided not to come to the UK this year, but that doesn’t mean we will be confined in our little flats being miserable. With those first rays of sun, we storm out of the house and chase adventure. 50′ of walking from the “shoreditch fort” and here I am in the heart of it all, waiting for my best friend for yet another catch up session.

I had heard about John Lewis’ re-made roof terrace but I definitely did not anticipate this…


As soon as we entered the secret garden our face dropped… a beautiful green utopia appeared before us, bedazzled with all sorts of flowers of various makes and colours. The sun decided to make one of its brief yet precious appearances and we were blessed with beauty and happiness all under the euphoric umbrella of our surroundings.


Straight away I spotted my beloved “Grind company” stand and run to grab a thirst quenching green juice – which admittedly is my latest fad. Pieros went for an iced english breakfast iced tea with mint and lemon (i tried and it was delicious).


Although I did not have brunch there, given my previous indulgence at Shoreditch Grind earlier that morning, I am definitely going back for more. The lobster shack seemed promising as well as the Potting Shed coffee/bar.

Oh and for the yoga bunnies?! feel free to combine your breakfast session with the “Rise and shine yoga sessions”. Available every Thursday morning this summer at John Lewis roof terrace, you can catch Fat Buddha Yoga. *Excited*


I absolutely loved it!!! The staff was very polite and attentive and the overall atmosphere extremely Zen. For the garden lovers, there’s a little shack selling goodies and gorgeous little tools for your green patches. For the brunch lovers… well… there’s everything you’d really need for an ideal experience!!!


In their own words:

The rooftop of John Lewis Oxford Street has been transformed into an arena of blooms and fresh herbs, hosting pop-up restaurants in collaboration with Night Tales, a coffee shop, activities such as yoga and a vibrant garden where you can relax and take time out.

The roof terrace will be open until the 4th September 2016 and for more information click here.

Address300 Oxford St, London W1C 1DX
To follow more – #gardeningsociety