Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings (EC1)

It was the weekend before we went to Berlin – during the Easter break. Excited and ready to take over new grounds – or just about ready at least, we decided to commence our little break with an appetite both for a beautiful breakfast as well as for adventure.
Not too far from home and yet an uber ride away, there we were with our iPads and our thirst for everything new, entering this cute and “Laura Ashley” like restaurant.
The area was bright and welcoming, decorated with so many lovely flowers and with white walls, furniture, windows, bar, sofas and generally everything, you got that feeling of being back to playing with your dollhouse.
We kicked off the breakfast with a gin based remedy along with a strong black coffee. The menu looked appetising and given that extremely happy mood of mine i decided to go for the “lobster” poached eggs. Whereas Robin went for something fried…

So, here comes the time for the waiter to take our order. However as soon as I expressed my lobster wish …

  • “The #lobster today is £29.99 Madame” the waiter said pedantically … “Yeah sure go for it, you only live once” she responded back with arrogance!

 I must admit I was annoyed with the attitude and in all honesty I was further annoyed with the lobster which was cold, chewy and really not worth it in the end.
However, I was way to happy to be put down by lobster. My little giant was staring at me from the end of the table giggling at my first world problems while he was happily chewing his breakfast (I still didn’t quite figure out what it was) and researching into “to dos” for Berlin.
Overall B&Hbuildings as otherwise called, I think might be best for a drink and merrymaking instead of their food as such. However the space is so beautiful I wish it was my own home.
For more events and information click here.
Address: 42 Northampton Rd, London EC1R 0HU

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