The Wolseley (W1J)

It’s really one of the truly classics and I have to admit it’s one of the first breakfasts I had in London and the experience I had was  absolutely mesmerising and potentially one of the reasons i’m so addicted to the world of brunch.
I have visited the Wolseley several times in my life, sometimes with family to celebrate those little and big special moments, other times with friends to laugh over a quick drink on the counter, and then some rarer times just by myself to escape in the little world of Art  Deco elegance that the restaurant is drenched in.

Decadence, indulgence, incredible service, beautiful environment, tasty food… The perfect place to start your Saturday morning when the folks are visiting, a long touring day awaits… and energy is required! ! !

Damn it.. i love to be spoiled, i love good quality and i do appreciate impeccable manners.

I highly recommend their patisserie basket along with some royale eggs with that fabulous smoked Scottish salmon. Black filter or americano to escort …

PS: i do advice that you book a couple of weeks in advance… you know, just to be sure!!!! it is rather busy! For more information click here.

Address: 160 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EB

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