The Grind (ECIV & more)

So this is really and genuinely one of my favourite places in London… a cafe/bar which over the years has grown so big it is now developing into a successful chain?!

Shoreditch Grind, Soho Grind, Clerkenwell Grind, Covent Garden Grind, Holborn Grind…. and the list goes on.

The Shoreditch Grind in particular has been very special to me. The past 5 years i’ve spent way too much time under its roof. Small yet cozy and funky, it has hosted several coffee breaks, work breaks, dissertation readings, friend meet up and brunches of mine.

Needless to say that their coffee is really distinctive. Strong and flavoursome – beats any of your starbucks, costa, nero black mess (aka coffee). They recently started doing extended brunch and they have embellished their menus with more elaborate healthy options like the smoothie bowls, poached eggs, grainy dishes and more.


Whether for a quick breakfast before work, or for a weekend long bite the “Grinds” are very top of my list. Great atmosphere, a very young cold vibe and a melange of customers so varied and diverse that gives it this cosmopolitan hipster modern vibe which to me it’s also its competitive advantage.



My recommendation is the cold brew Sandows coffee they house in the premises, combined with poached eggs on a bed of crushed avocado.

For the evenings (or afternoons) definitely try the espresso martinis! they are definitely the best i’ve had in London.

The covent garden smoothie bowls are definitely my favourite afternoon or breakfast treat.

Robin’s recommendation – double espressos! as always…


Address: 213 Old St, London EC1V 9NR


Open today · 9am–7pm
For all the locations click here

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