OPSO – The Birthday edition (W1)

This is a really emotional post for me and no it’s not because it involves eggs and a lot of Greeks … it’s not just for that. This post means a lot because of the magic it holds within, within the people that were involved in it and particularly the love i have for one of those people.

This post revolves around my best friend, Pieros, the boy I’ve grown up with, been silly with, travelled around the world and laughed with, dined and got drunk with. And although I had not been the healthiest this week, this boy deserves the best, and the best of me I was determined to give.

This Sunday, we woke up with a mild hangover but with the highest of spirits ready to give Pieros an early celebration for his 25th birthday. and after a terrifying uber ride to the heart of Mayfair, there we were on a glorious mid-day in front of my beloved OPSO.


And whilst OPSO is not a new player it is definitely one of my favourite ones.

It’s very minimal and yet very warm at the same time. I adore how the staff do everything to make you feel as if you’ve just arrived at your family gathering and all you’re waiting for is your fancy uncle to serve some gourmet-like delicious little dishes.

To commence the culinary debauchery on a high note, we ordered the “Greek Spirtz” – this is something along the lines of an Aperol Spritz, but it has an extra little kick off “Masticha” in it, to give that Greek twist you need on a sunny warm day like this. Along with our alcoholic drinks, we had to order the (oh what a surprise) also Greek “Freddo Espresso” and “Freddo Cappuccinos” which is basically cold coffee. Please let’s take a moment to appreciate how none had had breakfast at that stage…


Hungry like crazy and with an abundance to order from, Pieros, like a good Greek host, had already ordered, some “nibbles” for the table.

3 rounds of the beautiful spanakopita, the delicious tsoureki and bread baskets with condiments, to whet our appetite, while drowning with acid our poor stomachs.


Spanakopita below (and BBC good food recipe through the link to the left)


With a tummy half full it was now about time to go to the main deal… over a table of giggles, laughter and love, there we were a bunch of friends making each other feel like home for a while, embracing the best of what our culture has to offer… food, hospitality, sun and celebrations.

As i said, OPSO has much to offer and given our varied appetites, our table soon became colourful and was flooded in calories of all sorts.

The Greek version of eggs royale, on a milk bread koulouri with a yoghurt hollandaise, or “kayana” (=scambled eggs with feta and tomatoes), or even rice porridge with dried sweet fruits swimming inside…



Beautiful food, beautiful people and a beautiful day filled with positivity and a fuzzy vibe that has given me the energy I need to take up the hard week ahead.

And just after we had all reached our capacity and possibly had maxed out… there comes a massive red velvet cake with 25 candles on it… to remind us again why we were all there. To celebrate this precious boy birthday!!!


Happy, excited, loved… this Sunday was really much needed, from everyone for their own reasons. A big thanks to the OPSO team for making it ever so special too.

Finally, a massive kiss and the fairy-est of wishes to my old (now) bestie who now needs to just go out and conquer the world ❤


Address: 10 Paddington St, London W1U 5QL



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