Christabel’s Mad Hatters Brunch

I bumped onto “Christabel” in one of my mad researches which was underpinned by my thirst for adventure.In fact it almost felt as if I  was chasing Mr. Rabbit like a post-modern Alice… who was popping into the most mysterious of holes!


Overseeing Regent’s canal, on the 5th floor of the cutest little apartment, somewhere over the rainbow, between Islington and Hackney (blurred lines),  I found myself sitting in the most peculiar brunch…


no poached eggs and granola this time..but a Mad hatters symposium on the elaborately decorated tables shared by complete strangers. Intriguing to say the least and yet exciting altogether!!!!

This in fact was not a random event nor a silly story that i’m making up, to make a friend’s house warming sound thrilling, it is actually Christabel’s invention and ongoing project, concept, baby, creation (call it what you like) …a series of popups around London: brunches, banquets, high teas …and more…




The Menu goes something like this…

Mad Hatters Cocktail -(an elaborate prosecco actually)

Sausage bap with chilli tomato chutney and grainy mustard

Scrambled eggs with spicy honey & thyme 

Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

Pancakes with lemon and sugar

Celery and peanut butter

The gooooooiest of chocolate brownies

A selection of Tea Pigs teas and coffee!

(price from £20)


Time was definitely well spent and the event was made even brighter by the presence of those strangers who were sharing the table, who by the end of the event became promising acquaintances. The impeccable mr. Porter and the most Pleasant couple consisting of vibrant story teller Vicki and her charming spouse Tom. Discussions about life and stories travelling us all the way to Africa back, shared experiences at alternate times and plans of a not so distant future … it was indeed a madhatter’s brunch, one i highly recommend not so much for the food but more for the people who might happen to sit next to you and you’ll get to meet and be enchanted by their lives and tales.


for more information regarding upcoming events click here





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