Slate (EC2)


My affiliation to good coffee is by now known to all my friends… in fact even to the people who happen to have met me just once too! I sometimes listen to myself going on and on about coffee, about monmouth, about quality, necessity, perfection and addiction… and i think.. “Damn people must really think i’m weird” !!!! …

Oh well… this is who i am right?! a coffee and brunch lover… ! So now back to Slate..!!!!

You can find Slate on Curtain road right in the heart of Shoreditch. I have been passing by it for many months now and yet never had the time to actually get in, however it’s window always captured my attention!

why?! well.. it’s one of those little organic, hipster-y, tiny and incredibly cute and funky places i usually fall in love with! And after my visit… now i know that it also makes great and strong coffee escorted by fresh delicious pastries !

Whether it is breakfast, a swift take away moment, or a lazy sunday afternoon, Slate is the optimum choice… and probably my new “hideout” as of next year! Also, besides the good coffee, you must definitely try the TEA… seriously!!!! Detox, Calm, Cleanse, Digest… all natural ingredients.. fresh mint, fresh ginger, slices of lemon.. Slate makes the “tea-drinking” a sensational experience and a perfect remedy for a hangover too!

Moreover, there’s a wide selection of pastries and other treats (that look delicious)!!!! I should really go for the almond croissant very very soon!


Address: 96 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3AA

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