Ivy’s Mess Hall (E8)

A long time ago some very intriguing pancake pictures (on FaceBook) had caught my eye… I clicked on the link and it directed me to this page: “Ivy’s Mess Hall”, a small cafe/breakfast/lunching/dining/drinks and fun place in Dalston (on Kingsland road). I was postponing my visit due to work, however, the right time came for me to go check whether the amazing online pictures were reflective of the reality!
OH yes… they did!!!!!! maybe even better!!!!! Ivy’s Mess Hall just got really high on my “favourite places to have breakfast at in London” list and i’m definitely going back there soon!!!!!

It wasn’t just the lovely ambiance of the cafe, or the laid back and funky staff but it was also the relaxing and friendly mood that the people, who visited the place, were creating. A father with his little daughter creating moments and memories together over fried eggs, orange juice and laughter.

A company of adults, cribs and babies all enjoying a sunny and warm bank holiday. Even the weird yet extremely polite Jewish old man who kindly asked to share the table with me!!!!! all the different stories developing under the same roof… so sweet!

Loved it 🙂

Address: 129 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB

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