The Modern Pantry (EC1)


And upon entry I felt 5 again… This doll-like house, restaurant or modern pantry, as it is named, brought to me the kind of joy I used to have as a little kid! At first i wanted to actually Go around and explore the place and a tart playing “tea-time” but I knew my Dad wouldn’t be thrilled to wear pearls and tutus and follow my plans ;p it’s so good when he’s visiting London because being the Greeks we are, we do a lot of bonding over food… Great food… Brunch food (my personal favourite)


Anyhow… Back to the Modern Pantry … Lovely space, amazing Food and impeccable service !!!!

I highly recommend the ricotta and berry pancakes … OMG … Sensational (and imagine I only had a bite from my dad’s plate)
To spice things up go for a bubbly delight (Bellini) to accompany your incredible breakfast!

Address: 47-48 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, Greater London EC1V 4JJ

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