Rawduck (E8)


Restless aren’t we all? Explorers unleashed in a city of endless possibilities, London that is…

This humid Saturday morning found me recovering from a little back fall… I was eagerly staring at my window like a child trying to command the rain to stop from pouring down. Anticipating for that tiny ray of sun which would allow me to escape my bed nest and embark on yet another mini journey of mine.

And so it happened, the Gods of sun were finally on our side! Upon the sun’s glorious rise i called my co-captain little ZouzounEl (PS:that’s my flatmate/cousin/closest friend) and we both left the house with a strong appetite  for adventure!


Although we had not really gone that far and nor had we discovered the Atlantis, we did manage to discover “Rawduck” !!! Another hipster-organic haven just off the tip of London Fields park.

A truly beautiful  and not so little place! I did fall in love with the enormous windows which were welcoming in the light and brightness to accompany and entertain ones brunching session.

Organic as it was, we felt impelled to order something green and detoxifying to go with our eggs. While Eleni got a spinach-cucumber-cayenne combo, i got a lemongrass kombucha …(yes click here for more info because i’m not even in a position to explain what it really is, besides that apparently it’s really good for you).



Half a glass for £5 and a shot of my Kombucha for £3.50, i wouldn’t say Rawduck is a cheap eat but it is definitely a place that will leave you satisfied and keep you coming. Perfect for birthday brunches (already making plans) or simply weekend debriefings with a bunch of friends.

Mouthwatering organic poached eggs laying on a bed of avocado and sourdough bread for me and a rainbow of quinoa avocado and vine tomatoes for my co-captain. Two very satisfied adventurers indulged into this little pleasure of life while contemplated upon all those other puzzles and burdens they yet had to solve!


Address: 197 Richmond Rd, London E8 3NJ



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