And just when we started getting used to cheesy Greek food chains that promoted cheap disgusting versions of incredible food …suddenly this little gem comes to turn things around.

OPSO, just 2 minutes off Marylebone road, this tiny little “Modern Greek” brasserie/bar has risen the standards and left me wanting more!

I first heard about it 5 months ago and being my normal arrogant self i immediately dismissed it along the basis of previous experience. However, as my Facebook started buzzing with instagram pictures of hipster-y rice porridges (rizo-galo) and fancy “tsoureki” pastries in pots, i realised that it was about time to give it a go.


Minimal and yet with touches of warm wood to bring it down to its earthly origins, OPSOsurpassed my expectations, not only because the food was incredible but also because i came across that accustomed greek hospitality i so much miss. The laughter, the politeness, the cheekiness, the open-heartedness … the entire package that created a small enclave of what used to be home.


Although the food is not purely greek but rather a fusion of Mediterranean cuisine with touches of modern European, i must admit that the little Greek touches made the whole experience all that much better.

Poached eggs on fresh warm “koulouri” bread and the traditional rice porridge with cinnamon got me so excited and proud about the great representation of culinary culture OPSO is pushing forwards.


Just to be crystal clear, OPSO does not only serve brunch, believe me i’ve been several times and tried the entire menu (click here for the dinner menu) and feel free to explore the summery flavoured drinks the bar has to offer…Personal favourite the “masticha negroni” !!!
In terms of food I highly recommend the deconstructed “pastitsio” (very similar to lasagna) as well as the tiny fish burgers!!!

I fell in love so much with that place that i even got in argument with a colleague, passionately defending its supremacy over other restaurants of its standards across London. Silly me…i guess my Greek feistiness surpasses my rationality some times…

Oh well… OPSO is worth it! for more information on the restaurant click here


Address: 10 Paddington St, London W1U 5QL



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