Chiltren Firehouse (W1)


Dad was in London this weekend and of course besides having the extreme pleasure of his company, as always the much anticipated spoiling sessions made these past few days extremely enjoyable.

I had often tried to find the right company to go to Chiltren Firehouse and somehow managed to keep postponing it due to lack of enthusiasm from other counterparts… Thankfully mr. Kouros never disappoints or denies his little daughter any of her requests!


I have had several brunches in my life… thousands maybe by now, so i never have any high expectations regarding the options or flavours i am to come across. I thought having tried so many variations of eggs would have by now made me an expert and more than accustomed to their taste.

How wrong could i have been…

11am and we arrive at this beautiful hotel, so elegantly structured, decorated and maintained by the buzzing vibe of the welcoming waiters that ensured your dining experience was nothing less than impeccable.



A tiny table for two, that managed to fit a huge world of flavour and taste. Pancakes for the little addict (that’s my dad), royale eggs on brioche for me, a strawberry and basil cocktail to spark it up and finally, the piece de resistance, the truffle oil scrambled eggs…

Needless to say that the fusion of that tiny fungus into the eggs was an explosion, a burst of sensations for our taste buds. Magnificent indeed!!! (not that my eggs were not as fabulous).


Conversations about politics, life, the future… complemented this lovely brunch, which i highly recommend to anyone who’s up for a treat.


PS: a lovely terrace is available for those sunny days

Address: 1 Chiltern St, London W1U 7PA

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