Berner’s Tavern (W1)

One of the most popular on Time Out’s list, Berner’s tavern has definitely met the expectations.


Saturday, just 2 days after the graduation and we were still celebrating successes, birthdays, Christmas – to come – and other excuses… 🙂

Rushing out of home around 9am to get to the Edition hotel, where the Brunch, or rather breakfast was to commence.


An incredible setting was to unravel before us. A high ceiling with an elaborate decor sculpted wide across. The walls were hidden behind the majestic golden frames whose beauty could draw your attention away from the pictures within them.


Our breakfast choices are always pretty fixed. We are so predictable all of us. Dad is always searching for those perfect “fat” american pancakes and mom goes for the sunny side up… as for me… the pretentious health freak its usually poached eggs with some side to go with it.

The service was great, the staff very accommodating.. everything suited the posh ambiance of the restaurant. All the products were organic/free range and the bread was fresh and rich.

Definitely a place i shall visit again, probably soon, and also one i highly recommend.

Address: 10 Berners St, London W1T 3LF

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