BBB – Notting Hill (W11 )


…and if this place needs introductions then my friend you’ve been missing out big time!!!!

Saturday… Eleni and I were prepping for this hipster-ish Solid Grooves warehouse party in Battersea (please don’t judge we’re simply trying out new things). However, as part of our brunch escapades, we decided to go to the party via Notting Hill. What better reason than to enjoy our little saturday ritual in one of London’s finest… the glorious BBB (Beach Blanket Babylon) Notting Hill.

Extravagant, decadent and yet ultimately elegant, this little gem is one of Rania’s (that’s me) top 5!

To commence a glass of bubbly to spark things up and get us warmed up for what was to follow…

Pour moi, the all time classic poached on herbed up avocado all lying on a warm buttery sourdough! It is not really the great quality that one expects at BBB it is the entire setting, the environment of the place itself. Baroque and renaissance touches of gold and burgundy, majestic fireplaces and royal lions looking over you while you indulge in this melange of perfection.


Guilty as charged, i do enjoy the simple luxuries of an elegant brunch as much as i enjoy the funkiness of a warehouse party… After all we’re in London aren’t we? Embracing our cosmopolitanism is the least we can do.


BBB is the perfect place for a late night drink too. Watch out for those mini and mega celebs that share the same love as i do for this place. But please try to be sensible contrary to me bumping onto little mr. Middleton (James that is), which ended in a super awkward moment as i failed to realise who he was and dismissed his poor attempt to a flirt. Oh well.. i should have known my British socialites better!

PS: Don’t get deceived from the extravagant deco… outfit is still smart casual, don’t let me catch you wearing glitter, sparkles and other tacky outfits. Elegance is the key, it will match perfectly with your order of eggs royale!

Address: 45 Ledbury Rd, London W11 2AA

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