…And while following the endless pursuit of brunch happiness we stumbled upon this beautiful little cafe in the heart of shoreditch and only 9 minutes away from home.

After a long morning run under the warm sun of spring and with an appetite as big as the Kardashian’s derrière we stormed the “friends of ours” cafe on Pitfield street eager to fight for a seat.

tumblr_o3zr2w1BzU1ryf861o2_1280With an extremely polite staff and only a short wait outside while enjoying a cuppa (of skinny macha tea latte) we were welcomed to a big, spacious wooden high table that we shared with our local hipsters 🙈



Several poached eggs, baked goodies, avocado sides and crab meat bits later we were ready to move with a massive smile on our faces.

Personal recommendations Drink: macha skinny latte Food: smashed avocado with crab meat, lime and chillies (£10)


Boyfriend suggestion Drink: double espresso x2 Food: baked eggs – but make sure to ask for extra bread (£7.50ish)

For more info click here



Address: 61 Pitfield St, London N1 6BU

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