Black Penny (WC2B)

Hello there!

It’s been quite some time… but I promise a lot of things have happened since.

To name a few; I’ve changed homes, changed jobs and changed thousands of outfits… but what remained constant was my brunching habits (obvs)!

The truth is, It definitely felt like I was running out of time to do everything and I had to prioritise…Work, gym, sleep, eat (brunch) and repeat! But now that balance is slowly coming back into my life, it’s time to start reporting again on all the delicious calories that kept me going.

So here we are in front of a plate filled with goodness once again… the “gatherer” as Black Penny peeps liked to call it;


A plate filled with fresh products; ranging from vegetables (wilted spinach, juicy warm tomatoes, mouth drooling mushrooms) to fennel tasting beans and what I’ve decided to be organic eggs (possibly not)! This vegetarian option ticked all my boxes and kept me and my “veggie” month challenge going (yes, i’m on a semi-veggie/ semi-pescaterian challenge – don’t even ask).

In second place, comes Robin, with his “hunter” plate – not quite sure what made his dish a hunter… but it looked amazing;


Fried eggs, halloumi, hummus and loads of parsley bits… Yum!!! I guess, given that it only lasted about 2′ in Robin’s plate.

The overall ambiance of the place is your typical Shoreditch-y Hipster-y wooden accents and brick walls with cool dangly lights hanging from the ceiling.

The staff was uber polite and definitely made the loooooooong wait to get a seat, and get your food a bit more pleasant. Ah! yes… be prepared to wait. Not just to be seated but also to get your food (could take up to 45′ or so ). I repeat, DO NOT go too hungry there!

To silence my impatience and sweeten my unsettled hunger – we decided to share a french toast too. At the end of the day this was breakfast and lunch!


I highly recommend this little place, despite the wait; the food and the service were great. It’s also a place you want to stick around, have long chats and make plans in… also centrally located and only 5′ from Holborn station.

What are you waiting…?! Plan your visit!


For a party of 2 expect around £45-50.

Address34 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AA
Hours Opens 8AM

Village East (SE1)

I’m back… ! and i’m brunching as always! This past week was really tough, in fact the past few weeks have been quite mental but all you need when things are rough is a little motivation. That’s the way to get by… you just push until you reach to your own man-made haven. So this post is all about treating yourself, about exploring new things and about staying motivated.


This little spot was discovered last month, and late is much better than never so here I am reporting to those eager ones who want to try new things. There we were discovering the bohemian streets of Bermondsey when we stumbled on… Village East . A very tasteful restaurant with a truly unique character. It felt cozy and effortlessly stylish … there we were sat in between a big heavy american style bar and a wall covered with letter boxes.


The menu was adequate in range of options and as we were starving (as always) it really wasn’t difficult for us to pick our eggs of choice. I did also go for a bloody cucumber (a weird take on bloody mary) which was absolutely disgusting… please do not, i repeat DO NOT feel adventurous when it comes to cucumber juice, gin and a weird spice mix! It’s just bad.. it doesn’t work!


On the brighter side of things… the eggs finally arrived (the wait is around 40′ on a busy day) and all three of us, Pieros, Robin and myself literally stuffed our little faces with happiness.

As always, I went for the poached eggs (sans hollandaise) whereas Pieros went for the full on Hollandaise sauce and Robin as always got some sort of fried, meaty option…



The eggs were good, not the best but…. adequate to sort of satisfy our hunger. Apparently the farmers breakfast (undercover full english) was pretty damn good (Robin’s take) but overall the portions were rather small. Which meant we left wanting more..

The staff was absolutely lovely and very accommodating and i’d definitely give a solid 9/10 for the whole ambiance of the place.

why not give it a go? it’s the perfect place for a big group of friends who want to sit there for hours and mumble about life and other remedies.


Address171-173 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UW

Brother Marcus (SW12)

My love for a good old brunch must be by now rather known to everyone – but there are times I feel it might be turning into an addiction – why? I hear you say?

well… my urge to discover new spots has lead me outside zone 1… and 2…. Yes! A couple of weekends ago I put on my explorer brunch goggles and on a relatively sunny London Saturday I boarded the tube for an exploration – a trip to the far far land of Balham!

Balham is definitely one of those up and coming parts of the world and its “brunch fame” reached my ears a couple of months but until two weekends ago, I had never been motivated enough to embark on the journey.

The inspiration and motivation ultimately came from my colleague Holly, a massive fan and great advocate of this “incredible” as she called it spot in Balham called, “Brother Marcus“…


There we were 40′ later, ravenous being sat at a wooden bench at this cute little brunch place, “Brother Marcus” surrounded by little “big bang theory” nerds, emo comebacks and the odd good old hipsters. We were definitely there with high ambitions and our hunger made everything on the menu seem even more delicious.


A good choice of dishes, smoothies, drinks and other treats we were absolutely to go for Holly’s recommendation “Sister Special”  for me and a “Brother Special” for Robin all escorted by some nutritious fruity and veggie smoothies.


The introduction was rather colourful and playful as our matching coffee cups and smoothie colours suggested. The place is definitely very instagrammable… whether that’s the food, the odd art on the walls (which by the way is on sale) or just the little wooden details all around.


Sister Special: Poached egg, crispy bacon on a bed of spinach mixed with avocado, all of that sitting on bread. Topped with a drizzle of olive oil and coarse salt flakes.


Brother Special: A colourful omelette lying on slices of smoked salmon and asparagus (+bread). Topped with chia seeds for effect.

We definitely left happy and full – was it the best? I wouldn’t say so… just because the next day i visited Sunday (which I have officially called my favourite brunch place ever) but it was definitely pleasant, vibrant and with a great staff to welcome you.

The other merit of this visit? I have now expanded my Brunching experiences beyond the centre of London… which means i’m now unstoppable so beware…! ! ! there’s a brunch place for everyone out there and I want you to know if there’s particularly one for you!!!
Address9 Chestnut Grove, London SW12 8JA

Sunday (N1)

So… this weekend was packed with brunches and whilst I won’t be posting in order of visit I will be posting in order of preference.
I was rather hesitant whether to post about this place or not… you see it’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s possibly the best brunch I’ve ever had (EVER) and I still had to wait for about 40′ in the queue. So imagine if it becomes even more popular… there will be zero sustainability.
The problem with London is that Londoners are curious creatures and once we discover new spots we then migrate collectively to them, turning them into vibrant hot spots – with the downside being the even longer wait… and in some rare cases the quality of the food being decreased due to the high demand… but I really don’t want to jinx Sunday!
Sunday on a Sunday it was… after 40minutes of a long bus ride we were there, in the middle of nowhere… slightly doubting this whole decision but the truth is I really trust Theo, who we were off to meet. I hadn’t seen Theo in a year but from what I could recall he was a massive foodie so I had all my hopes up. We arrived to find Theo in the longest queue   one that would put Breakfast club’s queue to shame! We grabbed some coffees whilst we waited and we were breaking rather easily the “ice”.


Having finally sat down in the cozy premises of Sunday and whilst salivating over the menus, we were now faced with great dilemmas. The menu is long and everything seemed so promising… and so did the plates that were going up and down in the hands of waiters. it was super easy to select for me… I went for the dish that had all of my favourite things: courgettes, halloumi, avocado and poached eggs (YUM) and also half a stack of PANCAKES to share with Robin.


Robin went for a waffle with fried chicken, Theo for the haddock rarebit and Kalli for corn fritters with smoked salmon (+another half a stack of pancakes for them to share).

The rest was history… the food was ridiculously colourful, tasty, flavoursome, rich and with all the built up hunger just perfect!


needless to say that everything disappeared in seconds and everyone was happy and rather sleepy!!!!!!!! (mad carb comma there)

I couldn’t recommend this little guy more… the service polite and attentive, the food just incredible, the prices even better and the customers all chirpy and satisfied. Rumour has it in the summer it also has a beautiful little terrace … (hint:  I can’t wait to go back)


…and please please please … don’t let the queue scare you, it’s TOTALLY worth it!

I give it 5/5

Address169 Hemingford Rd, London N1 1DA

B-Street Deli (SE1)

Nobody really likes rainy days… trapping you inside, making everything grey and gloomy, depriving you of vitamin D… i mean come on… surely not even the netflix and chill fans

can argue…

My solution to this travesty – aka the British weather – is … Brunch! (tbf this is probably my answer to most of life’s problems).

We were reluctant to get out today but I was really craving a good brunch. Not really sure where to go, i’ve already exhausted my neighbourhood’s hot spot options and we hadn’t booked anywhere else which meant we’d really have to struggle finding a place anywhere. Saturday or Sunday brunching in London is just impossible without a reservation well unless you’re happy to wait in a queue of hours under the rain… which to be frank i’m not a big fan off!

Long story short, despite the fact that we had not been caffeinated, despite the fact that it was raining and despite the fact that our plan A in Borough Market failed miserably as the restaurant didn’t serve brunch on Sundays (how silly) … we kept walking fearlessly towards Bermondsey. When we finally stumbled on this beautiful little gem of a deli – B-Street Deli (on Bermondsey street)


The space was very intimate and cozy! a lot of wood and earthly touches made it ever so welcoming. And despite our uncertainty as to whether the did brunch or not we jumped in to inquire more.
A massive counter with loads of cheeses, salads, breads and pastries lie there before us and at the corner of that counter we saw a hand written little board saying they were offering poached egg and salmon/avocado bruschettas! – YES


A happy salsa/cuban-esque music was playing at the background creating a rather humorous juxtaposition with the waitresses’ grumpy attitudes. We were now happily sipping our coffees waiting for our bruschettas and cheeses, chatting about life and all that…


The food was absolutely incredible, the portions generous, the ingredients so fresh i could smell the tomato on the bruschetta even before it arrived on the table. The olive oil was definitely from the Mediterranean and the salmon was definitely fresh!

What was even better was in fact the prices which left us both pleasantly surprised. It looks like 2 people can enjoy a hefty meal, brunch or platter for £30 (without tip being included in the bill).


I highly recommend B-Street Deli, not so much for the service but for the incredible flavours!!!!! We are definitely going back maybe not just for brunch as there are so many cheeses i’d love to try paired with some great wine – yum yum yum

Address88 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3UB
HoursOpen today · 9am–10pm

The Canvas Cafe (E1)

The Christmas break feels just so far away and now we’re in that awful period where people choose to punish themselves for the excessive intake of food and alcohol. I never got that to be honest…why on earth, in one of the grimmest months of the year, one would make themselves even more miserable by quitting alcohol and food? This only makes depression look like a wolf luring over a herd of sheep… not sure this even makes sense but what I’m trying to convey is that balance is key in life in absolutely every aspect of it. Whether it’s our relationship with friends and colleagues, or with food and alcohol everything needs to be measured and enjoyed in moderation.

That’s why you need to stop punishing yourself, find an excuse to get out in the cold, and go enjoy a nice healthy brunch… but while you’re at it how about you also get injected with “happiness” too?!

Coming back to London from Cyprus was a big change (as it always is really)… but I came determined to cruise through 2017 as happy and as excited as possible. So there I was now on my daily commute to work, in a carriage in the jubilee line, holding my Timeout copy trying to motivate myself with plans inspired by the edit I was staring at. When I finally spotted it… the “Happiness cafe“… I have to admit it at first glance I thought “pffff what forced concept that is” but the more I was staring at my gloomy co-passengers and thinking of the prospect of another grey day in an office, I warmed up to it and decided to check it out.

So there we were, Robin and I, on a beautiful sunny Sunday walking our way through the old neighbourhoods of Shoreditch ending up at this tiny little cafe just off brick lane.

The place itself was quite basic, with that touch of “unpretentious” ambiance of edginess, plain rawness and a lot of wood. We managed to grab a seat by the window and although the door which was opening and closing every other minute would let the arctic cold to penetrate our bones, the view was very artistic, “Berlin-esque” as I’d call it.

The menu looked enticing… a lot of eggs, salads, and the casual; chia, almond milk and hemp ingredients you nowadays seek in every hipster breakfast place to ensure it meets your expectations.

As always eggs for me, and something containing bacon for Robin… whilst chewing passionately our not so pretty yet extremely tasty organic food we were realising more and more why this cafe was so “happy”.

Firstly, it definitely had to do with the staff… so friendly, cheerful and overly excited I thought they must have been extra to perform. And whilst i’m rather cynical I have to admit I really enjoyed the service, the little chats and the positive vibe the waiters had.
It made you forget you were amidst the deepest part of January and somewhere on a trip, somewhere happy, sunny and yummy.
To honour “veganuary” Robin even got one of those super instagram friendly “vegan freak-shakes” a lot of calories really masked with healthy ingredients like berries, dried fruit, a lot of almond milk etc. . . It looked very nice and definitely very cheerful as it made you feel like a kid. Or at least Robin did…

Once our little stomach’s were happy and our caffeine levels met, we stormed off at the back of the cafe, going through the tiny garden into the “happiness museum” which is hosted at the back of the restaurant. Yup, there’s a happiness museum…. it hosts a not so big ball pit for adult fun (not the sexual type) and things like a worry bin and a happy thought tree… it’s all very warm and fuzzy but definitely something borrowed from a scandinavian neighbour.

The overall experience was lovely and despite my cynicism this is place I’d highly recommend… feeling low? stop that veganuary and dry january and go have fun… you deserve it 🙂
HoursOpen today · 10am–6pm

Egg Break (W8)

…and just because tomorrow it’s Sunday and i bet you’re all googling where to go for Brunch tomorrow with your overseas visitors, your neighbours, you best friends, your partners… here’s a litre treat for you guys, whoever you are and whatever you’re searching for… Egg Break!

hidden in the narrow streets of Notting Hill, Egg Break is a tiny little restaurant one could assume could belong to one of the residents’ of Uxbridge Street.
Although, not impressive on the outside, as it’s quite assimilated to the architecture and style of the street, inside I promise you’ll find the most delicious of treats.

I visited this little gem with my bestie not a while back, after a debaucherous night out. With a mild hangover and yet still enough body strength to carry ourselves all across from SE1 to W8, we were definitely rewarded for our efforts.

Although we were met by a long queue of Frenchies and surprisingly (not) Greeks and had to wait for what seemed an eternity, in the end we got the best sit in the house, just next to the windows (top left corner on the picture above).

Having already studied the menu we were ravenous and ready to eat it all. For me, the classic eggs on a bed of avo and all on top of a big chunky slice of sourdough, for Pier an intriguing combo of bacon, honeycomb butter, fried eggs, and chilly red sauce on the finish. Also, a generous and glorious french toast in the middle (i’ll come back to that..)

Let’s take it one by one to know what you should expect!

1. Eggs on Avo/Toast: Good, but nothing extraordinary. As my friend Klara would say, “nothing you couldn’t make in your own kitchen” – well, at least Robin could make it. Anyhow, the point is that if you want something extraordinary I would advocate against the eggs, they’re delicious but way too basic.


2. Egg stack: i did not try it but Pier who was quite reluctant when he was ordering them, he emptied his dish in minutes and not because he was utterly hungry. He added the combination was way more balanced than what he thought and he’d definitely smash the dish again if he had the chance. Give it a try…!?


3. The French Toast: alright guys… I know, i have said this before about the workshop’s french toast, but good God the Egg Break french toast was the BEST i have EVER tried. Soft, smooth packed with surprises in the form of berries in the dough and a banana embedded in the middle. All topped up with the most delicious maple syrup dripping of every slice. I still can’t get over it… if you’re to get only one thing from the Egg Break, make it a french toast! I promise you will not be disappointed.


Overall we had a great time and felt ready for a big fat nap after the carb overload, however that french toast was definitely worth my 60′ in the tube (back and forth). I got time to bond with my Pier and everything over great food in a happy familish environment.

I strongly recommend this spot, for any mood or occasion really. The staff reinforce the neighbourhood feeling and they’re simple, down to earth and very polite when it comes to welcoming you to their restaurant.


Address30 Uxbridge St, Notting Hill W8 7TA
HoursOpen today · 8am–10pm

Where the Pancakes Are… (SE1)

Sunday morning and we woke up to the sunniest Sunday ever – what a better excuse for brunch?! Yes, i hear you say!

So as previously mentioned, following my move to my new SE1 post code after my dreadful goodbye of Shoreditch, i’ve embarked on a journey to explore the new neighbourhood in an attempt to bring out all the brunching gems out to my fellow Southerners and beyond.

Well, and when I was ready to abandoned the world of “hipsterness” you can’t imagine what i’ve found!!!!!

I’ve found where the pancakes are… !!! Yes, they’re south of the river guys and they are absolutely incredibly delicious! and needless to say super Hipstery!


Long story short guys, a new market has opened up next to our place. It’s a market, but with a little bit more of an architectural umph to it! It’s a pleasure to linger around Flat Iron Square because it’s exactly like Shoreditch but without the crazy crowds or the pretentious inhabitants of it. So, Flat Iron Square hosts several artisanal products (obviously) as well as little proper shops/restaurants/cafes one of which is the “Where the Pancakes are“, an Aussie pancake house.


The queue to grab a seat was actually 2hours so we decided we were brave enough to wrap up in our coats and furs and seat outside enjoying an al fresco brunch experience. What was surprising though was that the food was ready in literally 5′ after we placed the order. The stuff was incredibly polite and attentive and finally.. the food was insanely tasty!

Robin went for the Australian – which consisted of corn fritters, avo, smoked salmon and some other magic whereas i went for the sweeter Hummingbird with the toasted almonds, pomegranate, lime zest and grilled apple… it was glorious!


Highly recommended for those who seek new flavours in their palettes – or those who adore the gorgeous pancake!
After we smashed everything and downed our coffees, having realised our fingers were about to fall off from the cold, we decided to get up and explore the flea market in place at the premises of Flat Iron Square every Sunday.
Address85 Southwark Bridge Rd, London SE1 0NQ

Gail’s (SE1 and more)

It’s Halloween… Hoorah! in all honesty I couldn’t be more cynical about this American celebration of cheap tacky outfits and sugar overdosing… but what the heck it’s the weekend, and i will always enjoy a good brunch whether it looks like eggs royale or eye ball eggs on some red blood like brioche.

With that being said, let me now tell you more about Gail’s which although started of as the cutest little bakery it was now developed in a chain of 33 bakeries all across London and beyond.


I discovered Gail’s back in 2010 when i first moved to London. Just behind City university where i’d spend half (or more) of my life, on the cutest paved road, most widely known as “Exmouth Market”. It is back then that i discovered what quinoa and barley was in the melange of salads they had for lunch. Maud and I would host our little gossip clubs under the roof of Gail’s there and indulge in a shared piece of chocolate cake. Or i’d sometimes take my books and pretend I was studying when in fact I was trying to flirt with the guy running the pop up cheese stand in the store. Back then Gail’s had only just started doing breakfast experimentally… god it was (and still is) good.


So here we are back in 2016 (or towards the end of it) and having moved by the river we discovered that there’s a Gail’s just beneath our flat – or ten steps away. So there we were last weekend, seating on one of the solid wooden communal desks, people watching whilst waiting for our scrambled eggs to make their debut on our table.

The space at the Neo Bankside branch is very cozy and bright given the large windows surrounding the whole bakery. The smell of coffee, pastries, bread and eggs fill the place and make the waiting time even more annoying. So much so that we had to buy ourselves an almond croissant to share whilst waiting for our eggs to arrive (45′ unfortunately given the “rash hour”).


Gloriously delicious that croissant was… or maybe it was just me who hadn’t had breakfast, had completed and aryl morning gym session and could by that time listen to my stomach playing a drum solo in a protest for hunger.

Yummy… everything was absolutely yummy and the eggs were perfectly buttered !!!!!! Robin’s selection of corn fritters definitely had a corn-y twist which made it delicious!


As for the Halloween fans, Gail’s does not fail to please… with weird pastries, baked goods and biscuits in the forms of fingers, skeleton men and eye balls i’m sure you’ll find something to amuse you!

I highly recommend Gail’s if you’re up for a pit stop!


AddressUnit C Neo-Bankside, 70 Holland St, London SE1 9NX
HoursOpen today · 9am–7pm
To find more of Gail’s locations click here

Albion Bankside (SE1)

New house, new urge for brunching adventures … so it’s been about a month that we’ve moved south the river and whilst i was rather panicky about abandoning my kingdom in Shoreditch, it was about time i accepted that my kingdom had been taken over… the overcrowded thursdays, the impossible queues, the never ending waiting lists to have a single drink or the beautiful strolls which were now covered in additional filth.

The truth is i was bitter to leave it all behind, but the magic of the bank side was an easy cure to my troubled mind. It wasn’t long before, you see, that we had visitors over… and the kind of visitors that are basic family. Maud and Pieros stayed over for a long weekend a few weeks back and it was our first official opportunity to do a proper brunch.

Getting out the door and facing the Tate Modern whilst the sun was killing our not-so-sober eyes, we walked fearless on that Sunday morning towards Albion Bankside (which is basically three steps from our front door).
So i wasn’t aware Albion was a chain… i only knew of their incredible cafe in the East just next to the Boundary hotel. But it looks that this sibling is bigger, brighter and fuzzier…
It wasn’t difficult for us all to select breakfast, after all the option was vast, new flavours were offered and we were all pretty damn hungry.
So of course I had to go for the healthy low cal sweet potato baked fritters with the poached egg, whereas the gang went for glorious croissants stuffed with heavenly cheesy fillings, scrambled eggs and and sausages.
So another thing that grabbed my attention was the peculiar list of drinks… a variety of detox concoctions including limes, mints, kombuchas and what not.. as well as juices and smoothies… the list is massive and i have an urge to try them all already.
For the breakfast lovers there’s a quite generous breakfast bar filled with colourful, healthy goodies ranging from dried fruits, to seeds, to yoghurts, breads …. it’s literally a dance of colours and products which i have to admit got me as excited as i would image a child to be in a candy shop…
I have to admit the service was not great… rather rude and slow i must admit but we were four crazy kids making fun of the situation trying not to let the negativity ruin our recover brunch. Whilst we were stuffing our face with our eggs and grease … we all realised how we’d been taken over by a euphoric feeling … which is what makes me love brunches so much. The moments, the feelings, the silliness you get to share with your loved ones over hearty food and drinks…
So… i decided to give Albion a second chance, just in a week really, when i read in their social media about them hosting this pop up flowershop called @andflowers.
@andflowers are these incredible kids who are inviting people to be a adventurous and pick their own stems to make their own composition (bouquet) – quite artsy and liberating at the same time.
So here i was only a sunday later, holding my to-go-flat-white and my almond croissants picking my own flowers as if i was a princess in a forest. (yes, i love feeling like a princess)
Albion is definitely a favourite in terms of vibe and products offered. The service was also much better the second time… even if they forgot i had ordered two flat whites and i was waiting for about 15′ in vain until the barrista realised his mistake.
To end it in a positive note – please do try it, i’m sure you’d be very much pleased with the food and the deco of the place!
AddressBlock B NEO Bankside, Holland St, London SE1 9FU


Open today · 9am–11pm